​​​Custom Airbrush Spray Tanning 

Custom Airbrush Tanning at Tropical Tans will give you the instant, natural tan you’ve been looking for.

Full Body Spray…………$40.00
also available:

Upper Body Spray

Lower Body Spray

Packages available:

Single Session........$40.00

Package of 3..........$100.00

Package of 5..........$150.00

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Prior to getting your spray tan: Come in freshly showered/exfoliated with no lotion, deodorant, makeup or perfume on. Wear loose, dark clothing.

During your spray tan: Follow the instructions of the airbrush specialist. You can wear swim wear or undergarments while being sprayed.

After airbrushing: We recommend waiting at least 8 hours before showering. It is critical that you remain completely dry during the 8 hours after the spray. Your skin will feel a little tacky in some areas, this is normal! 

Showering: When showering, do not rub your skin to hard. Try not to exfoliate. Pat dry with a towel and allow your skin to dry thoroughly before moisturizing. Your spray should last anywhere between 10 and 14 days.

What are the benefits?

You get quicker results without the risk of burning. You can tan just for special occasions. Hard to tan areas can now be golden bronze like the rest of your body. You can enhance your existing tan, especially those people who are very fair and find it hard to achieve super dark results.